At Illinois Professional Inspections, our mission is to look out for the best interest of our client by inspecting every home as if we are the ones buying the home. By giving you critical information about the home, we can help you make a well informed decision and gain the peace of mind that will follow. Armed with the information our report will provide, you can make your decision with confidence.

What Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC offers. Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC offers peace of mind to you the buyer, as well as the homeowner and the seller, because a certified professional in the home inspection business and an architect will answer any and all questions concerning the home. We’ll not only lead you through the inspection process, but will explain and educate you on the home inspection and its entails. As a buyer, purchasing a home may be the single largest investment you will make in your life time. In order to make the best decisions concerning the home purchase, you need to be fully informed and have peace of mind and our services provide just that – the perfect home inspection can help.
Our goal is to provide an inspection report that will protect homeowners and sellers by providing proper disclosure in the proper perspective. The company uses the latest high-tech and most sophisticated metering devices and gauges, ensuring that you will receive the most accurate reading of your home’s vital components and operating systems. The homeowners also benefit from our inspection as depreciation; everyday wear-and-tear and aging all affect your home in many ways. Our home inspection can help you single the most urgent repairs, as well as future project improvements.
What you get from Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC. Upon the completion of the home inspection, you will receive a computer-generated report outlining the inspection and its findings. The report contains detailed information concerning the home’s vital components and operating systems, outlining all the information necessary to make the most accurate and informed decisions regarding buying or selling a home. Our report includes information concerning: Foundations, walls, ceilings, sub-floors framing, crawl-spaces, venting system, site drainage, plumbing, doors, windows, fireplaces, exterior, garage, electrical, heating, air conditioning, roofing, and attic. Illinois Professional Inspections, llc., the president and owner, Angel Martinez should know first hand about home inspections, considering his educational/experience technical background as a professional Architect. Rest assures that a quality inspection will give you a peace of mind.

Are you ready for an inspection? Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC. offers peace of mind to you the buyer, as well as the homeowner and the seller. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in your request for service.


Contact us by phone during normal business hours at 1-708-769-6325, Monday - Friday 9AM to 7PM CST.

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