Why should you request our services? Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC is an independently owned and operated inspection company. We have been involved in various phases of the real estate and construction industries. Our license is on the line with each and every inspection and we have a reputation of telling it like it is. When hired, we will present the facts and our findings honestly, while always keeping your best interests in mind. We take this role very seriously. You are entrusting us to provide you with the facts so you can make a very important decision. We accept this role and will do all in our power to present the details necessary to help you turn your dreams of ownership into reality. We will present our findings and answer all of your questions to better suit your decision.


We have individuals, families, attorneys, mortgage companies, banks and real estate agencies as clients. We are contracted by banks, insurance companies, individuals, corporations and estates to inspect different sizes and types of homes, condos, co-ops and variations of these classes. A healthy portion of our work involves new construction, pre-listings and walk-throughs (i.e. the last review before closing).


At Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC, we offer:


Experience We take pride in the services we offer to every home inspection performed. We are fully insured, fully trained, knowledgeable, professional and licensed/certified by the State of Illinois.






Reliability A house may contain a defect that you should be aware of. Certain problems are easily found, others are not. Certain problems you could live with, others can be financially devastating. In making a decision of this magnitude, make it with confidence. Have your house inspected before you close. A quality home inspection will give you peace of mind.



Integrity A home inspection is a wise decision whether you are buying, selling or simply preserving the value and quality of your home.







Commitment A house does not fail or pass an inspection. Our inspection report will help you understand the state of your home. A particular condition may be adequate for one person, but not another. Our goal is to bring it to your attention and help you make the decision.



Are you ready for an inspection? Illinois Professional Inspections, LLC. offers peace of mind to you the buyer, as well as the homeowner and the seller. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in your request for service.


Contact us by phone during normal business hours at 1-708-769-6325, Monday - Friday 9AM to 7PM CST.

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